Adrenaline Spikes – FSoG “Darker” Metal Pinwheel


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“He runs the wheel over my palm. “Ah!” The prongs bite into my skin – there’s more than just pain. In fact, it tickles slightly. “Imagine that over your breasts.”
One of the few sensory toys you can use anywhere on the body, add this beautiful pinwheel to play to tease each and every one of your lover’s nerve endings. The result? A super-sensitive plaything who’ll be left begging for your undivided attention. A toy which looks much scarier than it really is, this Wartenberg wheel creates a real adrenaline spike with its prongs, hard shine and weighty feel. Designed to roll over any body part effortlessly, 22 prickly spikes dapple your partner’s skin, awakening nerve endings and leaving them extra receptive to further play.

Simple design, perfect for all levels of sensory experimentation
22-spoke Wartenberg metal pinwheel for thrilling sensory play
Designed for couples
Comes with a satin storage bag
Logo etteched on handle

Material:-Metal,Color:-Silver colored,Waterproof:-Waterproof